Partner Application and Partnership Information

Fresh Directions’ mission is to empower community organizations by providing nutritious meals and snacks to organizations that serve a vulnerable demographic. Partnering with organizations like yours is a natural fit when looking to meet food-based needs of some of our most at-risk citizens--our children. Fresh Directions is a partnership program, based on the understanding that partners will be working in direct collaboration with Fresh Directions for the shared purpose of providing and serving nutritious food and nutritional education to program participants.

Nutritious, hot meals and snacks are crafted by Fresh Directions’ volunteers based on a cycle menu using USDA nutritional requirements. You may see variations in the menu based on seasonality of available ingredients. The prepared food is contained in large, stainless steel pans and packaged in transportable food storage containers called CAMBROS. The ready-to-eat food will either be picked up at your organization’s designated pick-up time or be delivered to your organization by a volunteer. Pick up or delivery is determined when your partner relationship is established with Fresh Directions.

Training on Program details and requirement will be offered by Fresh Directions, but it is the responsibility of your organization to ensure that the proper individuals attend the training and that your program has the resources needed to be in compliance with all Fresh Directions, State, and Federal requirements.

The Hot Meals Program is made possible by committed volunteers, generous sponsors and strong partnerships with organizations just like yours.

For more information on becoming a Fresh Directions partner, please contact Lauren Shirey: